A winder of time specialized in maneuvering through the battlefield and dealing specific melee damage.

Role: Damage Dealer


Melee Weapons

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Skill Tree: Prediction

Aftermath (Uncommon)

Attack (Power + 3) and inflict Aftermath until your next turn. ~ Aftermath: If you are within 1m of the caster at the start of its turn, take True Damage (Level + 5).

Phase Dive (Rare)

Warp 3m and take note of your starting location. At the start of your next turn, Warp back to the starting location and Attack (Power + 5) a target within 1m.

Mind Burn (Epic)

Attempt to inflict Mind Burn (LUC Save: Level + 10) on a target within 3m for 4 Attacks. On Save, inflict Mind Burn for 2 Attacks instead. ~ Mind Burn: Each time you attack the caster, take True Damage (INT + 10).

Skill Tree: Reaction

Raging Dive (Uncommon)

Gain a Dodge and gainĀ 15 Dodge Chance for your next Dodge Roll.

Rewind (Rare)

Choose a target within 4m that damaged you last round. Warp to that target and deal True Damage (Level + 12) on that target.

Counter Balance (Epic)

When a target within 1m Attacks you, after taking damage, you may Warp to an adjacent tile of the target and Attack the attacker back.

Skill Tree: Aggression

Lost Track of Time (Uncommon)

Deal True Damage (INT + 10) on a target within 3m and attempt to inflict Armor -2 (INT Save: Level + 10) forĀ 3 Hits.

Determined (Rare)

Inflict Focal Point on a target within 3m for 6 Actions and gain a Determined Stack each time you Attack the target with Focal Point. ~ Determined Stack: Gain 5 Dodge Chance per Stack for attacks from the target with Focal Point. If you gain a 3rd Stack, dissolve this skill and deal True Damage (INT + 5).

Away Time (Epic)

Gain Away Time and end your turn. ~ Away Time: Leave the battlefield. At the start of your next, Attack a Target within 1m or Warp to a target with Focal Point within 5m and Attack it.


Time's Up

Gain 100 Dodge Chance for 1 Attack and gain Time to End It until the end of the battle. ~ Time to End It: Gain 10 Critical Chance and 5 Critical Chance more at the start of every next turn.


Shifting Movement

Gain 3 Dodge Chance and you may Move 2m instead of 1m when you succeed a Dodge.