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Using this story

World Stories are meant to give an example of a world to play in using Late Legends. They could serve as guidelines for your stories and Legends. We say guidelines because you do not have to follow the exact story, rather use it as a starting point for your stories and shape your stories yourself. Most of what you read here is general knowledge of the world that is handy for both Storytellers and Players.

Termina’s Ratings

  • Conflict: Low
  • Use of Magic: Low
  • Civilization: Celtic
  • Common Races: Humans


Termina is a land consisting of one country. The land is mostly inhabited by humans and wildlife. Termina is ruled by a royal family Brave for generations. Termina has not known war in centuries. The divine force in Termina is an entity called ‘the Goddess of Light’. A small group still prays to the Goddess of Light, but in a land as wealthy as Termina, there usually is no need. Most of the people in Termina are farmers and traders. In the middle of Termina, there is a small village name Spring Hill.

Legend Reviews

Xannon Saltfish by Carol de Ram

Xannon is a slayer from a small northern fisherman town who went to Springhill to become a blacksmith, trained by the best of the world. Xannon got accepted as an apprentice after completion of the blacksmith’s trial and started practicing this profession. On a stormy night, her life changed drastically when she and three boys from the village were chosen as the crystal heroes who would save the world.

Xannon is a girl who’s not afraid to speak her mind (and will) and likes to take action (swinging her two-handed battleaxe) before thinking. She is supportive of her friends and determined in the task to save the world.

It was a very fun experience to play as Xannon. I could easily associate with Xannon which made it easy to make decisions in the session and act as her. Throughout the session, there was a good balance between fighting and role-play parts. What I also liked was that Xannons background was used in the session. Characters and myths which I had invented on paper came to life when we visited Xannons hometown, the highlight being the invasion of the Kraken on the beach. Furthermore, there were interesting NPCs with a personality which made it nice to interact with. My favorite NPC was the hothead fire sorcerer who was quite alike to Xannon which caused a lot of friction between the two. What’s more, in the end we got the option to choose what ending we wanted to have. And the ending that happened was really what I would have expected and what I liked to have for an ending. Encompassing, I am very positive about the sessions, the players, the characters, the story and the world of this first late Legends campaign.