A caller of storms specialized in control and dealing Lightning Damage in a wide range.

Role: Support


Ranged Weapons

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Skill Tree: Bringer of the Storm

Thunder's Impact (Uncommon)

Target a 1m radius with the center within 4m. This radius is Difficult Terrain until your next turn. At the start of your next turn, deal Lightning True Damage (LUC + 10) to enemies in that radius. On Save (END Save: Level + 10), negate the Lightning True Damage. ~ Difficult Terrain: Each tile moved in this radius costs 2 Movement.

Storm Clouds (Rare)

Attempt to inflict Blinded (SEN Save: Level + 10) on enemies that are 3m and 4m away from you for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Blinded for 1 Action instead.

Lightning Shock (Epic)

Lightning Attack (Power + 6) a 1m radius with the center 4m away from you. Gain advantage on Critical Roll for this Attack.

Skill Tree: In the Eye of the Storm

Jolt Strike (Uncommon)

Attack (Power + 3) and attempt to inflict Jolt Struck (LUC Save: Level + 8) on the target within 3m. ~ Jolt Struck: Others within 1m take 4 Lightning True Damage.

Thrown into the Storm (Rare)

Keep inflicting Pushed Back on others within 3m, until they are at least 4m away. Targets that cannot move the full distance are inflicted with Stunned. After, attempt to inflict Into the Storm (STR Save: Level + 10) on all enemies you Pushed Back. ~ Into the Storm: Take Lightning True Damage (LUC + 6).

Stunning Storm (Epic)

Inflict Stunned on enemies within 4m. After, Lightning Attack enemies within 4m.

Skill Tree: Lightning Storm

Tension Before the Storm (Uncommon)

Lightning Attack (Power + 2) and inflict Lightning Trigger for 2 Hits on a target. ~ Lightning Trigger: Lightning Attacks gain 4 Critical Bonus on you.

Lightning Rod (Rare)

Place a Lightning Rod on a free tile within 6m until used twice. You may cast Thunder-bind on the Lightning Rod as a Reaction. ~ Thunder-bind: Attempt to inflict Snared (LUC Save: Level + 10) for 1 turn on enemies within 1m.

Static Wave (Epic)

Attempt to inflict Static Wave (LUC Save: Level + 10) on enemies within 4m for 2 Attacks. On Save, inflict Static Wave for 1 Attack instead. ~ Static Wave: After you took Lightning Damage, take 8 True Damage.



Lightning Attack (Power + 3), inflict Snared for 1 Action and attempt to inflict Greater Stunned (LUC Save: Level + 10) on others that are 4m to 8m away from you.



After using a skill with a Lightning Element, grant 2m range on an ally within 2m for 1 Attack.