A wild wizard with the blessing of the yellow dragon.

Role: Supporter

Uses Ranged Weapons.

Uses SEN for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 SEN.

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Skill Tree: Bringer of the Storm

Thunder's Impact (Uncommon)

1 Action, Deal Lightning True Damage (Level + 5) and inflict Movement - 1 to enemies inan 1m radius with the center within 4m.

Storm Clouds (Rare)

Special, Attempt to inflict Chance Roll - 40 (2 stacks) on enemies that are exactly 3m or 4m away from you. On save, inflict Chance Roll - 40.

Lightning Shock (Epic)

1 Action, Gain Advantage and Lightning attack (Power + 6) an 1m radius with the center 4m away from you.

Skill Tree: In the Eye of the Storm

Jolt Strike (Uncommon)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 3) on a target within 3m. If you dealt damage, attempt to deal Lightning True Damage (4) to others within 1m of the target.

Thrown into the Storm (Rare)

1 Action, Move enemies within 3m away from you until they are at least 4m away. After, attempt to deal True Damage (Level + 6) on enemies within 4m.

Stunning Storm (Epic)

1 Action, Lightning attack and inflict Power - 10 on three enemies of choice within 4m.

Skill Tree: Lightning Storm

Tension Before the Storm (Uncommon)

1 Action, Lightning attack a target within 3m. After, grant Critical Bonus + 3 (2 stacks) to an ally within 3m.

Lightning Beacon (Rare)

Special, Place a Lightning Beacon (2 stacks) on a free tile within 6m and inflict Magical Armor - 5 on enemies within 1m of the Lightning Beacon. ~ Lightning Rod: The caster can use a Reaction to freely move an ally within 4m of the caster to an adjacent tile of the Lightning Beacon.

Static Wave (Epic)

Special, Attempt to inflict Static Wave (2 stacks) on enemies within 4m. On save, inflict Static Wave. ~ Static Wave: After taking Lightning Damage, take 10 True Damage.


Piercing Thunderstorm

1 Action, Inflict Magical Armor - 5 (4 stacks) and Lightning attack enemies within 4m twice.



Passive, After using a skill with a Lightning Element, grant Range + 2 to an ally within 2m.