A noble yet fierce warrior specialized in inflicting physical lightning damage and protecting allies.

Role: Tank


Physical Weapons

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Skill Tree: Wrath of the Storm

Hammer of Thor (Uncommon)

Lightning Attack (Power + 5) a target.

Stormbolt (Rare)

Lightning Attack (Power + 6) and attempt to inflict Stunned (END Save: Level + 10) on a target within 6m.

Lightning of Judgement (Epic)

Lightning Attack (Power + 8) a target. After, attempt to inflict Judgement (LUC Save: Level +10) for 4 hits on the target. ~ Judgement: Critical Strikes double the Critical Bonus on you.

Skill Tree: Order

Lightning Verdict (Uncommon)

Grant Verdict on a target within 2m for 2 Actions or 2 Hits, whichever is used first. ~ Verdict: Gain 5 Critical Chance and 3 Armor.

Shocking Attraction (Rare)

Move (2m) and attempt to inflict Taunted (LUC save Level + 12) on enemies within 1m for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Taunted for 1 Action instead.

Grand Order (Epic)

Attempt to inflict Snared (AGI Save: Level + 12) on enemies within 3m for 2 Actions. After, you and allies within 3m may Move (3m).

Skill Tree: Protection

Storm Shield (Uncommon)

Grant Stormshield to a target within 3m for 1 hit. ~ Stormshield: Gain Shield of Overlapping Health (Level + 5). If the Attack on this shield still deals damage, the caster may move up to 2m towards you.

Storm Surge (Rare)

Gain Storm Surge for 6 Actions. ~ Storm Surge: Each time you deal damage in your turn, you may Heal (Level + 3) another ally within 4m.

Stormguard (Epic)

Move (4m) and grant Guarded to allies within 2m for 2 hits. ~ Guarded: The damage that would be dealt to your Health is dealt to the caster's Health instead.


Scales of Thunder

Inflict Lightning Sentence on enemies within 3m for 2 Actions. ~ Lightning Sentence: Whenever you damage a target other than the caster you take Lightning True Damage (Power) and Heal (Power/2) the caster.


Static Charge

Upon taking any damage, gain 1 Sparking Stack (Max 3) for your next Attack. ~ Sparking Stack: Gain 2 Critical Bonus.