A magical ranger specialized in summoning animal spirits, magical arrows, and magic sniping.

Role: Support


Ranged Weapons

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Skill Tree: Spirit Companions

Spirit Eagle (Uncommon)

Summon a Spirit Eagle on a target within 6m for 2 Dodge Rolls. Allies gain 15 Dodge Chance and enemies lose 15 Dodge Chance while the Spirit Eagle is on them. You may switch the Spirit Eagle to another target within 6m by using a Focus.

Spirit Wolf (Rare)

Summon a Spirit Wolf on a free tile within 3m for 6 Actions of the Spirit Wolf. ~ Spirit Wolf: A Summon that shares your Core Stats and Battle Stats except for Health, as it decays when damaged twice. Spirit Wolf may act after your turn. It may use up to 2 Actions to Move (5m) or Attack. The Spirit Wolf cannot Crit, Dodge or Save.

Spirit Lion (Epic)

Summon a Spirit Lion on 3 tile-triangle within 6m until your next turn. Enemies within 3m of the summon have -3 Power Until your next turn. Spirit Lion attempts to inflict Taunted (INT Save: Level + 10) on enemies within 3m for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Taunted for 1 Action instead. Decays when damaged 5 times.

Skill Tree: Enchanted Arrows

Explosive Tip (Uncommon)

Attempt to inflict Igniter (AGI Save: Level + 10) on target within 8m until your next turn. Save negates Igniter and deals Fire True Damage (INT + 10) to the target. ~ Igniter: Caster can use a Reaction to remove Igniter, dealing Fire True Damage (INT + 10) on you and others within 1m of you.

Freeze shot (Rare)

Gain +1 range, Ice Attack (Power + 6) and attempt to inflict Snared (END Save: Level + 10) for 2 Actions.

Paralyzer Arrow (Epic)

Gain Lightning Affinity, 4 Power and Paralyzer for 3 Attacks. ~ Paralyzer: Attacks attempt to inflict Stunned (END Save: Level + 10).

Skill Tree: Magical Archery

Magic Snipe (Uncommon)

Gain 1 Magic Snipe Stack (Max 3). ~ Magical Snipe Stack: Use 1 Stack and a Reaction to Attack and Move 1m, the target loses 10 Dodge Chance for this Attack. Has to be used in your turn or between turns.

Fierce Draw (Rare)

Gain 10 Critical Chance and Attack (Power + 6) a target. After gain 15 Dodge Chance for your next Dodge.

Somersault Shots (Epic)

Move 3m. While moving you may Attack (Power + 2) up to 2 times at any point while moving.


Mark of the Ravens

Gain Raven's Bite and inflict Raven's Mark on a target within 8m until your next turn. ~ Raven's Bite: Each time you deal damage to a target with Raven's Mark, gain 1 Raven's Bite Stack. ~ Raven's Mark: Lose 20 Dodge Chance and take True Damage (Raven's Bite Stacks * 5 + 10) when this effect ends.


Wild Arrow

Each Critical Strike you make may Move the target 1m in any direction. If the target cannot move it takes 5 True Damage instead.