A tamer of animal spirits armed with magical archery.

Role: All-rounder

Uses Ranged Weapons.

Uses AGI for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 AGI.

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Check Ranged Equipment for Spirit Hunter

Skill Tree: Spirit companions

Spirit eagle (Uncommon)

Special, Place a Spirit Eagle (2 stacks) on a target within 6m. You may transfer the Spirit Eagle to another target within 6m by using a Reaction.
~ Spirit Eagle (Tiny Summon): Allies can use a stack to gain Dodge Chance + 15 or Critical Chance + 10. Enemies with this summon are inflicted with Dodge Chance - 15.

Spirit wolf (Rare)

2 Actions, Summon a Spirit Wolf (4 stacks) on a free tile within 5m.
~ Spirit Wolf (Summon): Each turn, use up to two stacks to Move (3m) or Attack (Power - 5). Summon does not have Health, but loses a stack on damage. The summon has 1m range, shares your Critical Chance but fails every other roll.

Spirit lion (Epic)

1 Action, Summon a Spirit Lion (5 stacks) on free tiles within 6m.
~ Spirit Lion (Huge Summon): Each turn, use two stacks to attempt to inflict Spirit Roar on enemies within 3m. Summon does not have Health, but loses a stack on damage. The summon fails every roll.
~ Spirit Roar: Damage - 10 if you do not damage the caster.

Skill Tree: Enchanted arrows

Explosive tip (Uncommon)

1 Action, Attempt to inflict Igniter on a target within 8m. On Save, deal Fire True Damage (Level + 10) to the target instead.
~ Igniter: Caster may use a reaction to remove this effect. When removed, deals Fire True Damage (Level + 10) on all within 1m of the target.

Freeze shot (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Range + 2 and Ice Attack (Power + 6) a target. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Movement - 4.

Paralyzer arrow (Epic)

Special, Gain Critical Chance + 10 (3 stacks), Power + 4 (3 stacks) and inflict Paralysed (3 stacks) to a target in 5m.
~ Paralyzed: Whenever you make an attack the defender gains Dodge Chance + 10 and Save roll + 2.

Skill Tree: Magic bow acrobatics

Magic snipe (Uncommon)

1 Action, Gain Magic Snipe.
~ Magical Snipe: At the end of anyone's turn, you may use a reaction to inflict Dodge Chance - 10 on a target and attack it. After, move (1m).

Fierce draw (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Critical Chance + 15, Critical Bonus + 10 and Attack a target.

Somersaultshots (Epic)

1 Action, Gain Critical Chance + 20 (2 stacks) and Move 3m. While moving, Attack up to two times.


Mark of the ravens

Special, Inflict Dodge Chance - 20 (3 stacks) and Raven's Mark (5 stacks) on a target withing 8m.
~ Raven's Mark: Attackers have Critical Chance + 10 when attacking you. Each time you take damage, remove one stack. On 0 stacks, take True Damage (35).


Wild arrow

Passive, Each time you succeed a critical roll for an attack, you may move yourself or the target 1m in any direction. If the target has a negative Movement effect, deal 5 True Damage instead.