A warrior specialized in fighting with a soul blade, speaking out hexing spells while fighting.

Role: Damage Dealer


Melee Weapons

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Skill Tree: Linked Power

Soul Link (Uncommon)

Grant Soul Link to yourself and a target within 3m for 3 Hits or Saves, whichever is used first. ~ Soul Link: Gain 3 Armor and 2 on Saves.

Burning Contract (Rare)

Grant Soul Flame to yourself and a target within 4m for 3 Actions. ~ Soul Flame: Gain Fire Affinity and 4 Power.

Speed Contract (Epic)

Grant Soul Speed to yourself and a target within 4m range for 3 Actions. ~ Soul Speed: Gain 2 Movement, 10 Dodge Chance, and 10 Critical Chance.

Skill Tree: Attraction

Frost Bind (Uncommon)

Attack (Power + 3) and attempt to inflict Snared (AGI Save: Level + 10) on a target for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Snared for 1 Action instead.

Gravity Bind (Rare)

Attack (Power + 6) and attempt to inflict Gravity (END Save: Level + 10) on a target for 4 Actions. ~ Gravity: Lose 1 Movement and 10 Dodge Chance.

Gravity Cancel (Epic)

Attempt to inflict No Gravity (END Save: Level + 10) on target within 3m for 2 Actions. Targets with Gravity have Disadvantage on this Save. ~ No Gravity: You are moved 3m into the air and float there, you cannot move down but can still move horizontally. At the end of this effect fall down and take True Damage (Power + 2).

Skill Tree: Weapon binding

Weaken soul (Uncommon)

Dark Attack (Power + 3) and inflict Weakened Soul on a target for 4 Actions. ~ Weakened Soul: You have -2 on Saves against Soulbinder Skills.

Binding control (Rare)

Attack (Power + 5) and attempt to inflict Bound by Will (INT Save: Level + 10) on a target for 1 Attack. ~ Bound by Will: The caster chooses a target within 3m that you cannot Attack.

Banishing strike (Epic)

Attack (Power + 8) and attempt to inflict Banished (INT Save: Level + 10) on a target until your next turn. ~ Banished: All the damage you deal and take is halved.


Soul split

Create a copy of an ally within 3m for 4 Actions. That ally can control the Copy, it acts after your turn and has 1 Action each round. It shares the Core Stats, Battle Stats (Except for Health) and Class Cooldowns with the ally.


Soul Chase

Whenever an enemy within 1m uses a Move to go away farther from you, you may Move 1m in their direction.