A wandering collector of souls and wielder of powerful magic to enchain his opponents.

Role: Damage Dealer


Melee Weapons

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Skill Tree: Soul Shackles

Chaining Clash (Uncommon)

Attack (Power + 4) a target and inflict Chained. Chained will dissolve when you and target are more than 6m away.

Wrapped in Chains (Rare)

Attack (Power + 4) a target and and attempt to inflict Slowed (AGI Save: Level + 12) for 2 Actions. After inflict Chained on that target and another target within 3m of that target.

Chains of Chaos (Epic)

Attack (Power + 12) and your next Move Action will inflict Chained on all targets that come within 1m. Chained will dissolve when you and target are more than 6m away.

Skill Tree: Breaking the Chains

Soul Breaker (Uncommon)

Attack (Power + 2) and attempt to inflict Armor -2 (END Save: Level + 10) on a target within 1m for 3 Hits. Chained targets have a disadvantage for this Save.

Strangling Blow (Rare)

You may move adjacent to a target with Chained within 6m and remove Chained, dealing 5 True Damage in the process. After Attack a target.

Pinning Chains (Epic)

Remove Chained from targets within 6m and attempt to inflict Snared (STR Save: Level + 10) for 2 Actions on them. On Save, inflict Greater Slowed for 4 Actions instead.

Skill Tree: Chains of pace

Chain Shatter (Uncommon)

Remove Chained from a target within 1m and dealing 5 True Damage. After inflict Chained to another target within 5m.

Chain Scatter (Rare)

Remove a debuff from a target in 3m range and gain 3 Movement for your next Move Action. After, inflict Chained on the target and to other enemies within 2m of the original target.

Soul Attraction (Epic)

Remove Chained from a target, Move to it and Attack it. Repeat this another time. Finally Move to a target with Chained (Do not decay it) and Attack it (Power + 6).


Soul Sap

Remove Chained from all targets within 6m and deal 20 Dark True Damage on each target where Chained was removed. After, gain Captured Souls for 6 Actions. ~ Captured Souls: Dark Affinity, 3 Power and each time you remove a debuff from another target, inflict it with 10 True Damage.


Weakened Soul

Each time you remove a debuff from another target, gain 5 Critical Chance for 1 Attack.