A fighter specialized in battling with a katana and chi power.

Role: Damage Dealer


Melee Weapons

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Skill Tree: Way of the Warden

Warden of the East (Uncommon)

Attack (Power + 3) and attempt to inflict Mark of the Warden (END Save: Level + 10) on a target until your next turn. ~ Mark of the Warden: If you Attack the caster of this effect, the caster gains 20 Block Chance.

Wary Warden (Rare)

Gain Wary Warden until used 4 times. ~ Wary Warden: Gain 2 Block bonus and you may attempt Blocks for allies within 3m.

Bringer of Harmony (Epic)

Attack (Power + 8) a target within 3m and move to a free tile adjacent to the target. After gain 30 Block Chance until your next turn.

Skill Tree: Way of the Sword

Swift Slice (Uncommon)

Deal True Damage (STR + 5) to a target within 2m and gain a Swift Stack (Max 3) for 1 Attack. ~ Swift Stack: Gain 5 Critical Chance.

Unsheathing Strike (Rare)

Gain 15 Critical Chance for 2 Attacks. Move 2m and Attack (Power + 3) a target.

Astra Fury (Epic)

Attack (Power + 3) up to 4 different targets within 3m.

Skill Tree: Chi

Chi Slash (Uncommon)

Deal True Damage (Critical Bonus + 15) to a target within 5m.

Chi Meditation (Rare)

Heal (END + 15) and gain 3 Critical Bonus for 3 Attacks.

Chi Counter (Epic)

Gain 100 Block Chance for an incoming Attack. If you are adjacent to the Attacker, you may Attack the Attacker.


Last Stand

Heal (END + 15) and gain 6 Bladefury Stacks. ~ Bladefury Stacks: Spend a stack to reroll a Critical or Block Roll.


Samurai's Precision

After you succeed a Critical Roll, gain 10 Block Chance for the first blockable Attack. After you succeed a Block Roll, gain 8 Critical Chance for your next Attack.