A tactical fighter able to deceive and control enemies on the battlefield.

Role: Support


Melee Weapons

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Skill Tree: Sabotage

Onix Dust (Uncommon)

Deal Dark True Damage (Level + 10), attempt to inflict Blinded for 1 Action (AGI Save: Level + 10) on a target within 1m.

Caltrops (Rare)

Target a radius with the center within 3m. Dark True Damage (Level + 6) all enemies within 1m of that radius. After create Caltrop Zone within that same radius until your next turn. ~ Caltrop zone: If any target enters a tile within this zone, attempt to inflict Knocked Over (AGI Save: Level + 10). Target that are inflicted with Knocked Over in this zone also take Dark True Damage (SEN + 5).

Tar Blanket (Epic)

Inflict 3 Tar charges on a target within 3m for 3 Actions. ~ Tar charge: You cannot deal damage. Using 1 Action you can remove all Tar charges, which will deal Dark True Damage tp you (Level + 10*charges),

Skill Tree: Lightning Speed

Blink (Uncommon)

Warp 2m and gain 10 Critical Chance until your next turn.

Zap Trap (Rare)

Swap places with a target within 3m, Lightning Attack on an enemy within 2m and attempt to inflict Pushed Back 1m and Snared (END save: Level + 10) for 1 Action .

Safe Retreat (Epic)

Remove Slowed, Knocked Over and Snared from yourself and Warp to an adjacent tile of an ally within 5m. After, Heal (SEN + 15) yourself or the ally you warped to.

Skill Tree: Powerful Knowledge

Paralyzer (Uncommon)

Lightning Attack (Power + 2) a target. The target has disadvantage on next Dodge Roll.

Lighting Speed (Rare)

When you are Attacked, gain an advantage on Dodge Rolls against that Attack. On successful Dodge, deal Lightning True Damage (Level + 12) on the attacker.

Marking Strikes (Epic)

Inflict a target within 3m with Mark of Marking Marks for 3 hits. ~ Mark of Marking Marks: Attacks have advantage on Critical Rolls, also True Damage can crit on you.



Infict target within 3m with Wrecked until the start of you next turn. ~ Wrecked: You are Greater Snared and each time you fail a Save you take True Damage (Level + 8).



Adjacent enemies have -2 on their Saves.