A Past Occupation is the Legend’s Backstory into perspective. Your Legend might have a lot of experience before going on an adventure in the story. Past Occupation is here to remind you as a Player what your Legend has done.

Try to focus on one Past Occupation and make it something that makes your Legend special. The past Occupation can help with things like resource gathering, item creation, special skill or knowledge.

The most important thing with Past Occupation is to be creative with your Legend. We will not include a full list of specifics because each story could be different and unique, and this is one f the places where you should have full control of the creativity.

We do have some great examples you could get some inspiration from:

  • Scholar of Magics: A quick learner of any school of magic, given the information, is provided.
  • Alchemist: With a sharp nose that smelled every poison in the world, you become immune to minor poisonous gas. Your know-how on alchemy and creating hexing brews has helped you out of sticky situations in the past.
  • Templar: A Serene mind, able to pray to their god or goddess. With a clear vision of good and bad in the world, able to act upon the will of his/her god.
  • Tailor: With extensive experience in tailoring you can craft a wide variety of helpful items using threat, cloth and leather.
  • Bounty Hunter: Experienced in hunting down wanted criminals. Able to think as a criminal in an attempt to predict their next move. Usually, leads to some nice bounty in the end if you’re willing to claim it.
  • Thief: Being involved in shady business, you have your connections with the urban underworld. Experience in silent and nimble movement, and sometimes trades a bit unfairly without the other knowing.
  • Sailor: A man the sea, you are expert at fishing and will not get seasick with your sturdy sea legs. Freedom should be cherished.
  • Farm-boy: With your extensive work on the fields you have experience in preparing healthy food, create fertile soil and have a strong connection with animals.
  • Member of a Fighters Guild: Your battle skills are commendable, you not only can receive special quests and rewards, you also have a lot of friends to help you out.
  • Detective: With a nose for mystery, you are exceptional in collecting evidence and spotting liars.
  • Archaeologist: A passion for the past, you are an expert in ancient language, ruins, and civilizations.
  • Performer: You are very good in dancing, good for some pocket money. You can also bluff very convincing and allure others with your charm.

Note: A Past Occupations like Armor Smith are usually not really suited for a story in Late Legends. It could still be used, but Late Legends does not support a crafting system (yet). Of course, it could be easily created together with your Storyteller. From experience we got some tips for these situations:

Avoid creating Weapons and Armor, rather focus on the creation of Special Items like specific Artifacts or items for specific quests. Maybe you could convert rare gemstones into something useful or just a funny Trinket. Other parties without such a crafter could sell it anyway, but you can something cool that could add some flair, without drawing too much attention to the story.

A Legend can be an Armor Smith without even crafting anything. Try to be creative in how you approach the Past Occupation. For Example, Your Legend could be a source of knowledge on the market (check the price of a special piece of armor. You could also serve as a grandmaster armorsmith, now training rookies of a small village to get into Armor-smithing. You will not draw way too much attention in the story, with a few cool moments your party could turn a helpless village into a self-defended stronghold (with geared guards thanks to you).