A magical hero fighting with a magical bow aided by a magical sidekick!

Role: Damage Dealer


Ranged Weapons

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Skill Tree: Magical Archery

Accurate Shot (Uncommon)

Attack (Power + 2) a target within 5m. You gain 5 Critical Chance and 2 Critical Bonus for this Attack. The target loses 10 Dodge Chance and 10 Block Chance for this Attack.

Split Shot (Rare)

Deal True Damage (INT + 10) on 3 different targets within 10m.

Maximum Draw (Epic)

Gain 10 Critical Chance and 2 Critical Bonus and Attack (Power + 4) a target within 10m. After, deal the Damage done as True Damage to another target within 4m of the initial target.

Skill Tree: Mahou Arts

Sparkling Glitter Dust (Uncommon)

Choose 1: ~ Attempt to inflict Blinded (END Save: Level + 10) on a target within 5m for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Blinded for 1 Action instead. ~ Heal (INT + 6) allies within 2m.

Sugar Sweet Candy Blast (Rare)

Grant Sugar Rush to allies within 2m for 2 turns. ~ Sugar Rush: At the start of your turn, gain an additional Special. Additionally, Attacks have +1 Range.

Rainbow Blast (Epic)

Attack (Power + 5) in a 5m line with a radius of 1m. After, attempt to inflict Snared (END Save: Level + 10) on all targets hit with this skill for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Snared for 1 Action instead.

Skill Tree: Galaxy Magic

Orbit Orb (Uncommon)

Choose 1-5. Deal True Damage (Level + 10) on all targets that are that many tiles away from you.

Starfall (Rare)

Choose up to 4 different targets within 5m. For each target, you may Heal (INT + 10) or deal True Damage (INT + 10).

Shiny Space Shot (Epic)

Choose either Fire Affinity, Ice Affinity or Light Affinity and Attack 2 targets within 10m.


Warp Hole

Inflict Warp Hole on 2 targets within 10m. ~ Warp Hole: Take True Damage (INT + 15) and disappear from the battlefield. At the start of casters next turn, reappear again on the same location.


Magical Sidekick

Choose 1 at the start of your turns. ~ Companion: Grant 5 Dodge Chance to allies within 1m until your next turn. ~ Helping Eyes: Gain an additional Focus.