A lightspeed templar specialized in delivering the holy arts to his allies and foes.

Role: Support


Melee Weapons

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Skill Tree: Gift of Life

Wish (Uncommon)

Heal (INT +12) a target within 1m. Additionally, make a Critical Roll. If you succeed the Critical Roll, reduce either Uncommon, Rare or Epic Class Cooldown by 1 for you or the target.

Lightskin (Rare)

Grant Light Skin on a target within 1m and yourself until your next turn. ~ Light Skin: Gain a Shield of (INT + 7).

Essence of Life (Epic)

Move 2m and Heal (Power) allies within 2m. Additionally, make a Critical Roll. If you succeed the Critical Roll, grant 2 Movement on allies within 3m for their next Move.

Skill Tree: Bright Assistant

Guiding Light (Uncommon)

Attack (Power + 2) and attempt to inflict Mark of Light (END Save: Level + 10) on a target within 1m until your next turn. ~ Mark of Light: You have disadvantage on Dodge and Block Rolls against Light Attacks.

Twincast (Rare)

Whenever an ally within 1m uses a Skill you can improve it. You have a choice between +3 Save Height, +6 Power or +6 Heal (provided that the skill has those features).

Pause of Fragility (Epic)

Attempt to inflict Snared (STR Save: Level + 12) and inflict 1 Stack of Fragility on a target within 3m until your next turn. ~ Stack of Fragility: Armor -2 per Stack. Increase the number of Stacks by 1 after a unique other ally of the caster dealt damage to you.

Skill Tree: Light's Assassin

Shining Surge (Uncommon)

Move while able to pass through enemies. Inflict Light Scar on enemies you passed through for 2 Hits. ~ Light Scar: Attackers using Light Attacks gain 20 Critical Chance when Attacking you.

Light's Rush (Rare)

Move (Movement + 2) while granting 6 Power on allies within 1m for 1 Attack.

Enlightening Stab (Epic)

Attack (Power + 8) and Inflict Light Weakness on a target within 1m. Additionally, inflict Light Weakness on other enemies within 1m of the target if you succeed the Critical Roll for the Attack.


Blink of Faith

Allies within 8m may Warp (2m). After, allies within 3m gain 6 Power for 2 Attacks. Additionally, allies 4m or more away from you attempt to inflict Greater Snared (AGI Save: Level + 10) on enemies within 1m of them for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Greater Snared for 1 Action instead.



Each time you Move, you may grant an ally within 1m Light Affinity for 1 Attack.