A monk united with the elements specialized in using fire, ice and lightning to endure on the battlefield.

Role: Damage Dealer


Melee Weapons

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Skill Tree: Element: Fire

Warm Strike (Uncommon)

Fire Attack (Power + 5) a target within 1m.

Flaming Aura (Rare)

Gain Flaming Aura for 4 Actions. ~ Flaming Aura: Deal Fire True Damage (Level + 5) after each action you take on enemies within 1m.

Pulsing Fire (Epic)

Inflict Pulsing Fire on a target within 4m for 4 Actions of the target. ~ Pulsing Fire: Take Fire True Damage (Level + 8) after each Action you take.

Skill Tree: Element: Ice

Icy Storm (Uncommon)

Ice Attack (Power + 2) two targets within 1m.

Frozen Armor (Rare)

Gain Frozen Armor until your next turn. ~ Frozen Armor: Gain a Shield (INT + END + 10). If the Shield is destroyed, deal Ice True Damage (INT + END + 3) on the one that broke it. Deal Ice True Damage (Remaining Shield) on others within 2m if the shield is not destroyed at the start of your next turn.

Wall of Ice (Epic)

Summon a 5m Impassable Wall of Ice, with the center within 3m until used 4 times. Additionally, the Wall of Ice deals Ice True Damage (Level + 5) to enemies within 1m. ~ Wall of Ice: Attempt to inflict Slowed (END: Level + 10) on an enemy within 1m 2 Actions each time it starts an Action or Special. If the target already is inflicted with Slowed, attempt to inflict Snared (END: Level + 10) for 2 Actions instead.

Skill Tree: Element: Lightning

Shocking Strike (Uncommon)

Lightning Attack (Power + 3) a target. Additionally, Heal 4 if you dealt damage.

Lightning Rush (Rare)

Move (Movement + 2m) while dealing 10 Lightning True Damage on enemies within 1m.

Converting Energy (Epic)

Gain Converting Energy until your next turn. ~ Converting Energy: Gain 1 Energy Stack each time you take damage. ~ Energy Stack: As a Reaction, use all stacks to Heal (5 per damage count + 5) or gain Power (3 per damage count + 5) for 1 Attack.

Skill Tree: Combined Elements

Elemental Destruction (Ultimate)

Become Invulnerable for until your next turn. At the start of your next turn, deal True Damage (Level + 10) and inflict Wave of Weakness on enemies within 3m for 2 Hits. ~ Wave of Weakness: Inflicted with Fire Weakness, Ice Weakness and Lightning Weakness.


Elemental Balance

After dealing damage with an Element, increase the damage dealt by 2 for your next Skill that has a different element.