A monk uniting the powers of the red, blue and yellow dragon.

Role: Attacker

Uses Melee Weapons.

Uses STR for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 STR.

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Skill Tree: Element: Fire

Warm Strike (Uncommon)

1 Action, Fire attack (Power + 5) a target within 1m.

Flaming Aura (Rare)

Special, Gain Flaming Aura (4 stacks). ~ Flaming Aura: After an action, deal Fire True Damage (Level + 5) to enemies within 1m.

Pulsing Fire (Epic)

1 Action, Inflict Pulsing Fire (4 stacks) on a target within 4m. ~ Pulsing Fire: After an action, take Fire True Damage (Level + 8).

Skill Tree: Element: Ice

Icy Storm (Uncommon)

1 Action, Ice attack (Power + 2) two targets within 1m.

Frozen Armor (Rare)

Special, Gain a Shield (Level + 8) and Frozen Armor (2 stacks). ~ Frozen Armor: Use a stack each time you take damage. When this effect ends and you still have a shield, deal True Damage (Level + 8) to enemies within 2m. If this effect ends and you do not have a shield, deal Ice True Damage (Level + 8) to the target that destroyed the shield.

Wall of Ice (Epic)

1 Action, Summon a Wall of Ice (4 stacks), in a straight line of 5 tiles with the center within 3m. ~ Wall of Ice (Impassable): If an enemy within 1m starts an Action or Special, deal True Damage (Level + 3) and attempt to inflict Movement - 2.

Skill Tree: Element: Lightning

Shocking Strike (Uncommon)

1 Action, Lightning attack (Power + 3) a target. If you dealt damage, Heal (4).

Lightning Rush (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Movement + 2 and move while dealing Lightning True Damage (10) on enemies within 1m. Each enemy can be hit once.

Converting Energy (Epic)

Special, Gain Converting Energy (6 stacks). ~ Converting Energy: Use a Reaction to remove Converting Energy to either Heal (10 + X) or gain Power + X. X is 3 per stacks used. Each time you take damage you lose one stack.

Skill Tree: Combined Elements

Elemental Destruction (Ultimate)

Special, Gain Armor + 10 (2 stacks), deal True Damage (Level + 10) and inflict Wave of Weakness (3 stacks) on enemies within 3m. ~ Wave of Weakness: When you are damaged by an elemental damage, take 10 True Damage.


Elemental Balance

Passive, After dealing elemental damage, gain Power + 2 on your next attack with a different element.