A fighter who is aided by the forces of nature.

Role: Support


Magical Weapons

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Skill Tree: Force of Nature

Vinewhip (Uncommon)

Attack (Power + 4) a target that is 2m away from you. After, summon Vines with 2 Stacks on the tile between you and the target.

Razor Leaves (Rare)

Attack (Power + 4) a 3 tile-triangle with one tile being within 3m.

Falling Tree (Epic)

Target a tile with Vines within 6m. From that tile, make a line of 5 tiles, Attack (Power + 7) all on that line. After, attempt to inflict Stunned (END Save: Level + 10) on the same targets.

Skill Tree: Odd Growth

Thorny Brambles (Uncommon)

Deal True Damage (SEN + 10) and attempt to inflict Snared (AGI Save: Level + 10) on a target within 3m for 1 Action. If the target shares a tile with Vines The damage is increased by 2.

Wall of Vines (Rare)

Summon up to 4 Vines with 2 Stacks on different free tiles within 4m.

Bramble Bomb (Epic)

Deal True Damage (SEN +20) on a target within 6m. If your target a tile with Vines, spent 2 Stacks to deal True Damage (SEN + 20) and inflict Knocked Back 2m on others within 1m of the Vines.

Skill Tree: Restoration

Healing Touch (Uncommon)

Heal (SEN + 10) a target within 1m and Heal (SEN + 2) allies that are on tiles with Vines. You may attempt a Critical Roll for this Heal. If you succeed, add your Critical Bonus to the Healing.

Sudden Berry (berry good) (Rare)

Summon Vines with 2 Stacks on a tile within 3m. Additionally, all Vines gain Berry. ~ Berry: Targets can use Special or Reaction to use Pluck. This uses 1 Vine Stack. ~ Pluck: If you are an ally of the caster, Heal (Level + 10), otherwise, True Damage (Level + 10).

Mist of Restoration (Epic)

All tiles within 3m of you become a Mist Cloud for 4 Actions. Additionally, Heal (SEN + 12) allies within 3m. ~ Mist Cloud: Enemies of the caster cannot attempt Critical Rolls.


Summon Treants

Summon two Treants on free tiles within 6m for 3 Actions of the Treant. ~ Treant: A Summon that acts after your turn. Can use up to 1 Action to Move, cast Healing Touch or Vine Whip. Treant shares the casters Core Stats and Battle Stats with the exception of Health. Treant has 50 Health.


Vines of the Wild

Summon Vines with 2 Stacks on a free tile within 4m at the start of your turn. Vines decay on 0 Stacks. ~ Vines Stack: If the tile of Vines is one of the target(s) of an Attack, use a Stack and grant allies 4 Armor if they are targeted by the same Attack. Also, if an enemy Moves through a tile with Vines they lose 1 Movement that Move.