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Welcome to the world Ivalice. Once a peaceful and wealthy land but now a broken land, divided by miasma, a noxious gas which fill the land. Direct exposure to this gas is fatal. Luckily crystal shards are the one thing that can stop miasma. But unlike the miasma, the crystal shards are a depleting power, the only thing known to replenish its power is by performing a ritual with myrrh, a magical liquid harvested from special myrrh trees.

The world has many known and hidden crystal shards. Due to their protective power, some of the crystal shards are the center of civilization. Often the community would select a precious few to take small pieces of crystal shards with them to venture into the land, in search for myrrh to sustain their homeland.

We believe that in ancient times there was a great crystal that protected the world from miasma. One day… a meteorite struck Ivalice and destroyed the great crystal. The impact was so great that pieces of the great crystal are scattered around the world, bringing the birth of miasma and forming the basis of how the world now is today.
~ Amidatty, Leader of the Shella Tower

The world of Ivalice is inhabited by four humanoid races, and the relationships between them, and events thereof form much of the world’s history.

The Clavats are biologically similar to humans and are a very peaceful race. They are generally farmers or ranchers. In the present day, a majority of Clavats live and work in the fertile Fields of Fum, providing a majority of the world’s produce. Clavats are only confirmed to be capable of interbreeding with Selkies and Lilties. Their emblem is a crystal with a wing seen in profile, similar to the ones on the heels of their shoes. Clavats are the most scattered across Ivalice, from blacksmiths to farmers, they can be seen everywhere and are considered a jack of all trades. Clavats have no bonuses nor weaknesses across elements.

The Lilties are a proud, stout race of warriors and knights. They rule most of the world in an empire, founded off the weapons forged from materials of the Cathurigian mines. The Lilties maintain the roads and form patrols to ensure the safety of the towns and caravans. The Lilties are the shortest race, as an adult Lilty is noticeably shorter than most other characters. The Lilties also have a unique, flower-like appearance, which is perhaps the source of their name. Their emblem is a triple-pronged spear with two banner furls. Of the four races, Lilties are the most sturdy, with an advantage on defensive stats. They are inept at magic. Lilties are strong against lightning but weak against fire.

Selkies are taller than Lilties, around the same height as Clavats, and usually have silver, blue, yellow or light purple hair and possess extremely fit and athletic bodies. They also have animal-like traits such as tails and ears of a wolf. They are a rugged race that dress in furs and stolen goods, and are commonly seen as thieves. They usually put their own interests first and are often scorned by the other tribes In the past, the Selkies were under the control of the Liltian empire and migrated from their ancestral homes to search for a safer place to live. They also seem to have been more culturally developed than in the present. They had their own language, and modern Yukes are studying Selkic texts on the Miasma, suggesting that they had lore of their own. It is said that they come from the sea. Their emblem is a stylized Selkie dancing, kicking, or jumping. It has two arms raised up, and one leg to the side. Selkies are the speediest of the races, but have the lowest defence. Selkies are strong against fire but weak against ice.

Yukes are tall, slender creatures with helmets that cover their faces most of the time. They also have long, feathered, striped arms, and small, vestigial wings. In the past, the Yukes are the only tribe that are not under the control of the Liltian empire. They achieved this by being sieged on the island of Shella, aided by their magic. In the recent past, they built the Veo Lu Sluice, which diverts Lake Shella into the Jegon River and enables the high fertility in Fum. A majority of Yukes live at Shella Tower, teaching magic to others, but they still retain their aloofness. A non-Yuke can enter the tower only if they have a Mark of Shella. Their emblem is a stylized Yuke seen head on. Yukes are powerful magic casters but are slower than other races. Yukes are strong against ice but are weak against lightning.

Paladins of Ivalice


The order of paladins was founded in the Fire season of 712 by Richard Lennard a Clavat who was against the current kings way of ruling. The order was formed to help out the people of the land and towns which had a hard time collecting Myr. Over the course of the years when a new king obtained the throne the people were treated better and the order became more of a law enforcement organization that also hunted down dangerous monsters that crystal caravans had sighted. The order of paladins used to consist only of Clavats and liltees. This changed when the red Selkie clan became neutral and it’s first member joined the paladin guild. It wasn’t until much later that a single Yuke joined the order in the earth season of 1211.

Current issues

Currently the paladin guild is attempting to deal with Var-Yia, a Selkie who used to be ranked 1 but became corrupted by dark powers when she headed out on her own in search for revenge on the monster that killed her daughter. In her corrupted form her memories have been corrupted as well now believing it is all the fault of the paladins and she wants to destroy them and their families which leads to attacks on town crystals. The order of paladins believes she is beyond saving and try to stop her. The corruption in combination with being one of the strongest paladins in history results in a world threatening opponent. Further minor issues include: Trying to stop illegal Myr trading and stealing which has been a big issue and members of the white Selkie clan have been suspected for this. Setting up better trade routes between towns and guiding trade caravans. Locating and dealing with “The great Wan Dulu” a goblin necromancer that recently popped with a giant skeleton. The king holds Clair responsible for this.

Ranking order

The paladins are ranked in an unique way and there are currently 63 paladins. The paladins in rank 1 to 10 are greatly respected and known for their combat capabilities. The paladins from rank 12 and upwards have their rank mainly based on how they performed in missions and the amount of missions they have been on. Rank 11 is a special rank that belongs to the mission coordinator.

The current rank 1 to 10 paladins are:

  • Velsig Kelendar: A male Clavat who is so obsessed with fighting evil that he can only rarely be found near a town or city. He used to be known as “The purging light” But more recently other paladins call him “The one man army” because he often heads out alone and has slain more goblins than all other paladins combined. Velsig dual wields great swords with ease. He lacks social skills because of all the time spent in the wilderness. He shows none of his emotions and other paladins fear working with him since Velsig doesn’t seem to care if they live or die.
  • Yekarin Lyra: A female Clavat who is known as “The cherry blossom”. Her name comes from her beauty and her abilities, she is capable of turning her blade into tiny shards which float around her and slash at nearby enemies with high precision. She is responsible for training a large portion of the new recruits and doesn’t go on missions to often.
  • Archevar Avian: The first Yuke to join the order of paladin and also the fastest to reach the top 5. He is by far smarter than most other paladins. He seems to have some vision into the future and therefore never fights a losing battle earning him the nickname of “Clairvoyant”. Many paladins joke about the time Archevar challenged Velsig years ago and gave up before either of them even touched their weapons. Archevar later told him he had gone through every possible future with all resulting in Velsigs victory. Since that day he has become fascinated by studying Velsig near perfect fighting style.
  • Yasha-Tenzu: A female Selkie with the nickname “Snow Fox” coming from her ability to create a huge icy fox around herself to fight with. She originates from the white clan but feels no bonds with them since she was abandoned by her parents.
  • Servilium Stritom: A male Liltee who used to be a childhood friend of the king. “The green guardian” is how most paladins refer to him. He controls the power of nature to the extent that he can make roots of trees entangle hostiles.
  • Michiya Asyra: A female Clavat
  • Veneloi thyri: A male Liltee
  • Naefa Gladheart: A male Clavat
  • Tannar Sparkshield: A male Clavat and the father of Shiram Sparkshield
  • Clair Sylvanna: A female Clavat and a friend of Shiram Sparkshield

Legend Reviews

Rin-Sooh by Carol de Ram

In the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles based session I played as Rin-Sooh a selkie from the black ninja clan. This clan is on bad terms with the white ninja clan. Rin-Sooh, as the daughter of the clan master, is chosen to accompany the new crystal caravan of Acanon, the village known as the safe haven for the black ninja clan, together with two clavats from Acanon and a mysterious Yuke. This heralds the start of an adventurous journey which starts with the collecting of Myrrh for the village and turns into the saving of the world.

Rin-Sooh is an agile and curious girl, who does not mind to steal a thing or two from random passersby’s. Her clan is very important for her and during their travels she develops a strong bond with her caravan crew. What she taught of as a kind of boring tasks turns into an all-out adventure!

What I liked about this session was first of all the setting where villages are safe havens and small caravan groups journey through the land to keep the villages safe by collecting Myrrh. That this is not a walk in the park becomes already clear in the beginning of the session. The party learns the secrets and mysterious of the world during the travels, not all of them harmless. There was a good balance between fighting and role-play as well as a good balance in moments where a character would shine. It felt as if all our characters were equally important and that’s something I really appreciate. We had a lot of freedom to choose where we would like to go or which problem we wanted to investigate. Nothing was really set in stone, which I experienced as a really nice way of playing. Where the world started as rather peaceful thorough the end we found out that nothing was farther from the truth. This turn of events pushed us a little bit into becoming world saving heroes but that was fine by me. Summarizing, I am really content with the way the events during the session unfolded.