A free mind specialized in betting and taking control over the battlefield.

Role: Support


Physical Weapons

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Skill Tree: Greasy Pirate

Rum Strike (Uncommon)

Attack (Power + 4) and attempt to inflict Slowed (AGI Save: Level +10) on a target for 2 Actions.

Seas of Freedom (Rare)

Grant Seas of Freedom to allies within 3m until 1 successful dodge. Additionally, grant 2 Dodges to allies within 3m. ~ Seas of Freedom: Gain an Advantage on Dodge Rolls.

Slippery Deck (Epic)

Instead of using a Dodge Roll, attempt a Dodge with a vs Save (vs LUC). If you win, Move 2m before taking any damage. Additionally, gain 20 Critical Chance for 3 Attacks.

Skill Tree: Booty Hunter

Gambling Switch (Uncommon)

Attack (Power +3) a target within 1m. After, attempt to Switch places (Save: vs LUC) with that target.

Leap of Faith (Rare)

Move (3m). After enemies within 3m make a Saving Roll (vs LUC). Lowest roller gets Unlucky until your next turn. ~ Unlucky: Cannot attempt Critical Rolls and Dodge Rolls.

Tides of Fortune (Epic)

Everyone within 4m makes a Saving Roll (vs LUC). Additionally, you may select a target to gain an Advantage on this Saving Roll. The lowest 2 are inflicted with Armor -4 for 2 Hits. The highest 2 gain 4 Armor for 2 Hits.

Skill Tree: Law Breaker

Fetcher (Uncommon)

Attempt to steal a Dodge (AGI Save: Level + 10) from a target within 4m. You gain 1 Dodge even if the target succeeds the Saving Roll. This skill has to be used in your turn or between turns.

Taunting Gesture (Rare)

Attempt to inflict Taunted (INT: Level + 10) on enemies within 3m for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Taunted for 1 Action instead.

Barrel Stomp (Epic)

Deal True Damage (LUC + 15) and attempt to inflict Snared (AGI Save: Level + 10) on enemies within 3m for 2 Actions. On Save, the target loses 1 Movement for 2 Actions instead.


Valor of the Pirates

Pirate's Valor for 4 Dodge Rolls. Additionally, attempt to inflict Greater Taunted (INT Save: Level + 10) on enemies within 2m for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Greater Taunted for 1 Action instead. ~ Pirate's Valor: If you succeed a Dodge Roll, gain 1 Dodge and deal 6 True Damage to the Attacker.


Pirate's Luck

After a successful Dodge Roll, gain Pirate's Luck for your next Critical Strike on the Attacker. ~ Pirate's Luck: Gain 3 Critical Bonus.