A free adventurer accompanied by lady luck.

Role: Supporter

Uses Physical Weapons.

Uses LUC for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 LUC.

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Skill Tree: Greasy Pirate

Rum Strike (Uncommon)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 4) and attempt to inflict Movement - 2 on a target.

Seas of Freedom (Rare)

Special, Grant Advantage (2 stacks) and 2 Dodge Attempts to allies within 3m.

Slippery Deck (Epic)

Reaction, Gain Critical Chance + 20 (3 stacks), Dodge Chance + 50 and Slippery Deck. ~ Slippery Deck: After you succeeded a dodge, move (1m) and move (1m) the attacker.

Skill Tree: Booty Hunter

Gambling Switch (Uncommon)

1 Action, Attack a target within 1m and switch places.

Leap of Faith (Rare)

Special, Move (3m). After, enemies within 3m make a LUC saving roll. Lowest result is inflicted with Disadvantage (3 stacks).

Tides of Fortune (Epic)

Special, Enemies within 10m make a LUC saving roll. Lowest two targets are inflicted with Physical Armor - 8 (2 stacks). After, allies within 10m make a LUC saving roll. Highest target gains Physical Armor + 8 (2 stacks).

Skill Tree: Law Breaker

Fetcher (Uncommon)

Reaction, Attempt to steal a Dodge Attempt from a target within 4m.

Taunting Gesture (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Dodge Chance + 10 and attempt to inflict Taunting Gesture on enemies within 3m. ~ Taunting Gesture: Damage - 10 if you do not target the caster.

Barrel Stomp (Epic)

1 Action, Deal True Damage (LUC + 15) and attempt to inflict Movement - 4. On save, inflict Movement - 2 instead.


Valor of the Pirates

Special, Gain Pirate's Valor (4 stacks). Additionally, inflict Power - 10 (2 stacks) on enemies within 2m. ~ Pirate's Valor: On a successful dodge roll, gain a Dodge Attempt and deal 6 True Damage on the attacker.


Pirate's Luck

Passive, On a successfull dode roll, gain Critical Bonus + 3.