A magician specialized in forbidden black magic.

Role: Damage Dealer


Magical Weapons

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Skill Tree: Devastation

Conjurer's Wrath (Uncommon)

Dark Attack (Power + 1) a 3 tile-triangle with 1 tile being within 6m.

Black Hole (Rare)

Target a 3m radius with the center within 6m. All in this radius are forced to the center in any order you choose (END Save: Level + 12).

Maelstrom (Epic)

Dark Attack (Power + 6) all within 3m.

Skill Tree: Forbidden magic

Forbidden Tome (Uncommon)

Lose Health (Level + 6), then Dark Attack (Power + 4) and attempt to inflict Dark Matter (INT Save: Level + 10) on a target within 6m. ~ Dark Matter: You have disadvantage on the next save against the caster.

Shadow Link (Rare)

Inflict Drainer on a target within 5m for 2 turns. Save (INT Save: Level + 10) inflicts Drainer for 1 turn instead. ~ Drainer: At the start of your turn the caster drains Health (INT + 10).

Mind Break (Epic)

Deal Dark True Damage (INT + 20) and inflict Terrified for 2 Actions to others within 3m. Save (END Save: Level + 10) halves Dark True Damage. ~ Terrified: You can't target the caster.

Skill Tree: Infestation

Corruption (Uncommon)

Attempt to inflict Corruption (INT Save: Level + 10) on a target within 6m for 2 turns. Save halves the duration. ~ Corruption: At the start of your turn, take True Damage (INT + 10).

Spreading Darkness (Rare)

Attempt to inflict Spreading Darkness (INT Save: Level + 10) on a target within 6m for 2 turns. On Save, inflict Spreading Darkness for 1 turn instead. ~ Spreading Darkness: At the start of your turn, take True Damage (INT + 10). Whenever you end a Move Action or end your turn adjacent to an ally, it is inflicted with Spreading Darkness for 1 turn.

Chaos Bolt (Epic)

Attack (Power + 10) a target within 8m. If your target is inflicted with Corruption or Spreading Darkness, gain 20 Critical Chance for this Attack. This Attack cannot be dodged.


Shadow Clones

Gain Shadow Clones and 4 Power for 6 Actions. ~ Shadow Clone: Disappear and place 3 versions of yourself within 3m. These Clones share your Core Stats and Battle Stats and get their own turn right after you. Each clone has 1 Action and you may use your other Round Usables as normal from any clone you choose. After the 6 Actions, you reappear at one of your clones their location.


Death is Near

If you start your turn and you Current Health is below 50% of your Max Health, gain Dark Resistance for the first time you take damage.